Colorado Springs

We currently only have photo tours of Districts 11 and 20, but we are in the process of updating this page, so please check back.

Public School District # 11
Elementary Schools
Bristol Elementary
Buena Vista Elementary
Carver Elementary

Chipeta Elementary
Edison Elementary
Fremont Elementary
Grant Elementary
Jefferson Elementary
Keller Elementary
King Elementary

Lincoln Elementary
Longfellow Elementary
Martinez Elementary
Midland Elementary
Penrose Elementary
Pike Elementary
Rudy Elementary

Scott Elementary

Steele Elementary
Whittier Elementary

Middle Schools
Holmes Middle School
Irving Middle School
Russell Middle School

West Middle School

High Schools
Coronado High School
Palmer High School
Thomas School

Catholic School
Holy Trinity Catholic School 

Academy School District # 20
Elementary Schools
Foothills Elementary
Frontier Elementary
High Plains Elementary
Prairie Hills Elementary
Mountain View Elementary
Rockrimmon Elementary

Middle Schools
Challenger Middle School
Eagle View Middle School
Mountain Ridge Middle School
Mountain Ridge Middle School 2

High Schools
Liberty High School
Rampart High School

Charter Schools
The Classical Academy