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Pikes Peak

Colorado's 14,000 foot peaks

Pikes Peak is a massive 14,109 foot mountain that abruptly and dramatically rises from the high plains of eastern Colorado, and forms a marvelous visual backdrop to the city of Colorado Springs. It provides the area with magnificent natural beauty and a wide range of recreational opportunities. It is Colorado's best known fourteener, as it has both a road and cog railway to the peak.

Of the other Colorado Peaks, 53 summits are considered to be distinct 14,000 foot mountains. These are listed in the order of their elevation. Five others do not meet the strict criterion of being counted as a seperate peak. These will have an * by their name.

Colorado 14ers
Mount Elbert 14,433' Sawatch
Mount Massive 14,421' Sawatch
Mount Harvard 14,420' Sawatch
Blanca Peak 14,345' Sangre de Christo
La Plata Peak 14,336' Sawatch
Uncompahgre Peak 14,309' San Juan
Crestone Peak 14,294' Sangre de Christo
Mount Lincoln 14,286' Tenmile-Mosquito
Grays Peak 14,270' Front Range
Mount Antero 14,269' Sawatch
Torreys Peak 14,267' Front Range
Castle Peak 14,265' Elk
Quandary Peak 14,265' Tenmile-Mosquito
Mount Evans 14,264' Front Range
Longs Peak 14,255' Front Range
Mount Wilson 14,246' San Juan
Mount Cameron* 14,238' Tenmile-Mosquito
Mount Shavano 14,229' Sawatch
Mount Belford 14,197' Sawatch
Crestone Needle 14,197' Sangre de Christo
Mount Princeton 14,197' Sawatch
Mount Yale 14,196' Sawatch
Mount Bross 14,172' Tenmile-Mosquito
Kit Carson Peak 14,165' Sangre de Christo
El Diente Peak* 14,159' San Juan
Maroon Peak 14,156' Elk
Tabeguache Peak 14,155' Sawatch
Mount Oxford 14,153' Sawatch
Mount Sneffels 14,150' San Juan
Mount Democrat 14,148' Tenmile-Mosquito
Capitol Peak 14,130' Elk
Pikes Peak 14,110' Front Range
Snowmass Mountain 14,092' Elk
Mount Eolus 14,083' San Juan
Windom Peak 14,082' San Juan
Challenger Point 14,081' Sangre de Christo
Mount Columbia 14,073' Sawatch
Missouri Mountain 14,067' Sawatch
Humboldt Peak 14,064' Sangre de Christo
Mount Bierstadt 14,060' Front Range
Conundrum Peak* 14,060' Elk
Sunlight Peak 14,059' San Juan
Handies Peak 14,048' San Juan
Culebra Peak 14,047' Sangre de Christo
Ellingwood Point 14,042' Sangre de Christo
Mount Lindsey 14,042' Sangre de Christo
North Eolus* 14,039' San Juan
Little Bear Peak 14,037' Sangre de Christo
Mount Sherman 14,036' Tenmile-Mosquito
Redcloud Peak 14,034' San Juan
Pyramid Peak 14,018' Elk
Wilson Peak 14,017' San Juan
Wetterhorn Peak 14,015' San Juan
North Maroon Peak* 14,014' Elk
San Luis Peak 14,014' San Juan
Mount of the Holy Cross 14,005' Sawatch
Huron Peak 14,003' Sawatch
Sunshine Peak 14,001' San Juan

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